Saturday, December 15, 2012

Fourth Semester :)

Actually when I try to update this blog.. I keep on thinking. .which topic that I want to write. but when I try to find a spesific picture about it. I know.. my laptop had been formatted 2 weeks ago.. sobss.. 
But.. I want to credit this picture. to Cik Eysah.. Cik Fika..Nick and Stephen Langga. because. i just grab this pic from their fb.. as easy as ABC and 123.. 

During lecture time.. :)
If im not mistaken.. this pic was took before coaching management presentation.. 

same goes to this pic.. 
at the right side.. I know. he keep doing our presntation till dawn.. that is why..he still sleepy during class.. 

this pic I dont know where  and when it was taken.. but i know.. Fika getting practice for Skill test.. 
Congrats :)
We all got A rights.. 
Syukur Alhamdullilah.. 
Thanks to Nick because help us to get A for badminton.. :) 

and once again.. we join girl scouts.. 10 of us.. 

Congrats gegurl AT 43.. :)

Ok. .lets continue our story.. 
This pic was taken during First Aid Class. 
We learn about CPR, a  treatment for bleeding, burns and yesterday. we attend for a short talk with an officer from PBSM.. 
when I ask Mr Tan yesterday.. 
Do we still have a class for next week.. 
Yes.. Our last class.. *actually i keep on thinking.. * yesss.. ! maybe today is our last class. * haha. 
pity me.. 

and i think the most exciting week is week thirteen.. 
Konsep Gaya Hidup Sihat ( Healthy Lifestyle Concept) 
37 of them organise a program with Curricular Management Programne at Canselory Building.. 
it is quite amazing and interesting.. 
so. for those whom a still thinking about recycle product.. 
you can see it here!
at the same time.. they donate their blood.. although i know most of them didn't get enough sleep.. :)
I am proud of them.. 

recycle item.. 


ornamental (scenery) if Im not mistaken.. 

money box.. (actually i just predict and write it ) 

because I dont involve too much in this activity.. 

and this is the main director for this programme.. 

and this is our lecturer... 
 I think i have write too much.. 
I'll write later.. about 121212.. 
about our biomechanics course.. 
that we spent our life, heart and soul.. hahaahahaha
Thats all for today.. 
Thanks for reading.. 
I am glad to be part of them.. 

*Coaching AT 43 Galaxy.. * 

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